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Gordon is a native of Hippo Land and the presumed leader of the Tribe of Symmetry.  Though unofficial, this has been Gordon's claim to fame since the fallout between him and the previous leader of the tribe, who left for the 7-star republic.  Gordon is very knowledgable about his native land and is revered by allys and enemies alike as a worthy adversary.


Gordon is known for his positive attitude and self-confidence.  This combined with his bravery, intelligence, and veteran experience in the battlefield lead to a strong predilection from RASSR

Recipient of the 2005 RASSR Good Samaritan award


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Like the leaders of the tribe of symmetry before him, Gordon's history with the Dowdy clan is well documented.  Gordon's first encounter with the Dowdy clan came when he was rescued by Oliver during a battle between the tribe of symmetry and the 7-star republic in Hippo Land.

Gordon has a thorny past with the previous leader of the tribe of symmetry.  After the leader's heart turned evil, Gordon stood up to him to prevent the tribe from following in his footsteps.  In an ensuing battle, Gordon let his opponent escape because the bond between the two was too strong.  As of the present day, Gordon still struggles with whether or not he made the right decision in letting his old friend run free.

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