Dragons mystical

Blue dragon in the high plains of Dragonmire


Dragons are native to dragonmire, and are thus a favorite among the natives there as well as the Crimson Armor Brigade.  Tamable in nature, dragons may have dragonriders with whom they do battle with.


Dragons have different abilities based off the color of their scales.  They can be categorized into yellow, green, blue, red, and black.


Yellow and Green dragons are the weakest and most common of all dragons, yellow being slightly weaker than green.  However, they can still breathe fire and fly for a limited amount of time.

Blue dragons are more powerful than yellow or green dragons.  Blue dragons can fly for mutliple hours without rest and show impressive manueverability. 

Red dragons are more powerful than blue dragons and are popular in battle among dragonriders because of their superior skillset.  Red dragons breathe a bright and powerful flame while flying boldly through the sky.  Their skin is tough and they move nimbly.

Black dragons are the rarest and most powerful of all dragons.  It is said that their scales are harder than diamonds, and that the fire they exhale is slightly more powerful than that of the red dragon.  Black dragons can stop on a dime, accelerate up to 160 mph in the air, and fly for hours on end without rest.  Allegedly, it takes approximately 15 minutes for a black dragon to cover the span of Dragonmire in the air.

Known Riders of the black dragonEdit

There are six known riders of the black dragon.  The only confirmed person so far is Darren, first leader of the CAB.

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