Basic Information
Background Information
Status: Deceased
Position: Centros Division Leader
Rank: 2nd in command
Past Affiliations: Centros


Enemies: 7-Star Republic


Chronological Information
Era(s): Current Era
First Appearance: Hippo Land 7
Last Appearance: Hippo Land 8


Likely at the start of Centros , Centros' 2nd in Command was put in charge of the infantry division. They likely knew X before the formation of Centros, being appointed a division leader at the start of Centros' existence.

Little is known about Centros' 2nd in Command, as they were killed shortly after being introduced. It is likely that Blackout knows there name, but has never revealed it.


Being a part of the founding members of Centros, Centros' 2nd in Command was very loyal to X and fought for everything X believed in. The pursuit of freedom brought Centros in direct conflict with the 7-Star Republic. This lead to an alliance with the RASSR as well.

Current EventsEdit

During the short timespan when the forbidden zones of Hippo Land were accessible, the RASSR sent out two investigation teams, one to each zone. Centros, and thus their 2nd in command was sent to the Southern Forbidden Zone to investigate. Shortly after arrival, Centros broke into two teams. The team lead by the 2nd in command had the misfortune of encountering Mirage, and were killed.